New Sonos PLAYBASE – Wireless Music Player

All New Sonos PLAYBASE Review

Sonos All new PlayBase

Sonos All new PlayBaseOne of the simplest, most stylish and streamiest soundbases around, but the Sonos Playbase isn't flawless.

The Sonos Playbase is far from the first device of its type then, but, being a Sonos product, it’s neater, more stylish and steamier than practically any rival too.


Sonos releases the all new Sonos PLAYBASE, the Sonos speaker that goes under your TV to deliver powerful home theater sound when the TV is on, and music all the time when it’s off.

Sonos All new PlayBase
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70% of TV’s are sitting on furniture, not mounted on the wall. While, televisions are getting bigger, thinner, and sounding worse, film and television mixes are becoming more complex and the result is that the sound experience in the home has the potential to be immersive and amazing, but often falls short. PLAYBASE solves exactly that. So you get open, natural sound, clear dialogue and immersive bass that turns any space in your home into a theater.

10 amplified drivers – 6 mid-range, 3 tweeters & 1 woofer. It’s not just an acoustic speaker. It’s a mini computer. The all new Sonos PLAYBASE.

Pros & Cons of the Sonos New PlayBase

For Against
Impressively big, wide soundstage
Solid, natural bass
Stylishly minimalist and sturdy build
Streams just about anything
Can be part of multi-room and surround systems
Harsh treble detracts from sonic strengths
Set up by the single optical input can be fiddly
Lacks high-res audio support
Won’t work perfectly in all rooms

So obvious, in simple fact, your local Currys is previously awash with these so-called soundbases.

The Sonos Playbase (can you see what it did there?) is considerably from the very first unit of its kind then, but, getting a Sonos item, it is neater, far more elegant and streamier than practically any rival as well.
There’s no mistaking this for a Sonos device. The style, accessible in matt black or white, is smooth, stylish and minimalist in the way of all of the company’s items.

There’s just one conventional button on the complete factor – a spherical, recessed small variety on the remaining-hand facet you use for linking the Playbase to your network and any other Sonos speakers you may well previously have.

Sonos Wireless Music Player  The difficulty is that even though this setup is basic in idea, in practice it can be an absolute nightmare to guarantee all of your resources are sending Dolby Digital (the only encompass format that the Playbase supports) to your Television and that your Television set is then passing that seem signal to the Sonos without having doing anything at all nasty to it.