What is the Best Spiralizer Right Now

The spiralizer is Japanese invention, the spiralizer is a cutting device with razor sharp blades that will create thin shape ribbons of vegetables, also there are everywhere and top selling domestic devices. Here is the best selling Spiralizer for this year

Hemsley Spiralizer

Hemsley Spiralizer

When it comes to buying the best Spiralizer, you will find that many of this machines look suspiciously like they come from the same factory production line.This can be confusing for the buyer, however, after many searches, I found that one Spiralizer, keeps coming at the top all reviews, also back up by the customers themselves. The best seller is the Hemsley Spiralizer

Hemsley Spiralizer version does come with a recipe card. Also, has a  neat stowaway system for the blades, yet all my concerns about horizontal hold spiralizers hold true. And also a warning with regard to left-handers: the handle that is supposed to aid to push the veg through could make the machine problem for all you.

The cut: Makes rather fat, noodles, or 2mm ribbons in either 3 or 5mm widths. Failed to make noodles from butternut squash, although it did a good job with courgettes.

Hemsley Spiralizer
£22.52 & FREE Delivery
£21.95 & FREE Delivery

What types of spiralizer are there?


Handheld spiralizers

Very much like a large pencil sharpener. Handheld spiralizers are hard work to use and deliver very small quantities and will take the only veg with a diameter of around 2”/5cm or less. That is why this are a cheap option.


Horizontal hold spiralizers

Horizontal hold spiralizers can manage much larger diameter veg than the handheld devices, which means there great for celeriac. Yet, can be bit wasteful, due to a small metal ring, which cuts a core the size of a pencil from the centre as you turn the mechanism, also even with the help of the metal ring, the user will find that veg will tend to slip out of place infuriatingly as you cut.


Vertical hold spiralizers

So when it comes to the best spiralizers option . is the Vertical hold spiralizers. The veg sits on top of the blades, which means there is no risk and it makes it easier to use, this all means that the veg will not fall out of position, and as you push down on the veg, the whole processes are speed up. A spike to hold the veg in position, which means no core cut out, and no wastage. The Vertical hold spiralizers take a slightly smaller diameter and shorter length of veg than the horizontal

The best spiralizers

Lurch Attila Hildmann (5/5)
Lurch spirali spiralizer (4/5)

Handheld / Horizontal / Vertical Spiralizers
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Ebay UK
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